News April 11, 2023

Introducing StudySmarter AI: The Future of Learning

Munich, 11.04.2023 – StudySmarter, a leading education technology company, is proud to announce the launch of StudySmarter AI, an innovative addition to the already popular StudySmarter app. With the integration of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, StudySmarter AI is set to revolutionize the way students learn and achieve academic success.

The StudySmarter team has been working tirelessly to create advanced AI features that will help students learn faster, retain more information, and improve their grades. With StudySmarter AI, students will have access to cutting-edge tools and resources that will take their studying to the next level.

StudySmarter AI builds on the API of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which provides an intelligent AI basis for the platform. Combined with the perfect learning data basis of hundreds of millions of user-generated content pieces on StudySmarter, this creates the perfect basis for AI-powered learning. Therefore, our AI features are working with both StudySmarter-specific learning data as well as cutting-edge NLP technology, resulting in the perfect answer for everybody who wants to take their learning success to new heights.

In addition to automatically generated study materials such as summaries, notes, and flashcards, StudySmarter AI also acts as a personal study companion, creating a tailored learning plan with study sessions. Based on the student’s learning behavior and performance, StudySmarter AI creates automated mock exams to test students with the most relevant learning materials and optimize their knowledge. More information on the scope of StudySmarter AI can be found here.

„We are thrilled to launch StudySmarter AI and bring the power of artificial intelligence to digital education,“ said Christian Felgenhauer, CEO of StudySmarter. „We believe that AI will change the way students learn and achieve academic success, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this revolution.“

Get instant access to the beta of StudySmarter AI and experience the future of learning yourself here.

About StudySmarter

StudySmarter is a leading education technology company that wants to empower everyone to achieve their educational goals. Their app, StudySmarter, is already one of the world’s most popular learning platforms for students. With the integration of cutting-edge AI technology, StudySmarter AI is set to revolutionize the way humanity learns and achieves academic success.

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