News Dezember 19, 2023

Introducing the New StudySmarter

StudySmarter, an award-winning educational technology company, is excited to announce a significant step forward in its evolution with the release of an improved platform design. This biggest update in the history of the platform, apart from the full redesign, introduces a trio of powerful features: The New Home, the innovative AI Assistant, and a smart To-Do List.

The New StudySmarter

Users will find a new and improved experience when they access the redesigned Home. They are welcomed to an intuitive tasklist, allowing easy navigation and quick access to preferred features, including the AI learning tools. The new, smart Home supports users excelling in exams offering streamlined learning with the option to manually add to-do items or let StudySmarter’s AI handle them.

The AI Assistant marks a new chapter in StudySmarter’s ongoing AI evolution. It enhances the study process, providing personalized support and resources within seconds. Learners now benefit from tailored explanations, instant flashcards, including the mock exams and a groundbreaking PDF to Flashcard feature. 

The addition of a dynamic To-Do List complements StudySmarter’s commitment to effective study. Users can now organize their tasks, set priorities, and stay on top of deadlines effortlessly. The Smart To-Do List integrates seamlessly with other features, creating a cohesive and efficient learning environment.

This redesign is not merely a visual facelift; it’s a strategic leap toward redefining the learning experience for millions of users worldwide. 

As part of the redesign, users can anticipate an entirely new branding experience, including a revamped Homepage, and an updated app presence, including app icon. These additions contribute to an enhanced visual experience, further elevating the overall usability of the StudySmarter platform.


Maurice Khudhir, Co-Founder of StudySmarter: „This update represents a pivotal moment in StudySmarter’s journey. We’re not just offering a study platform; we’re providing a transformative learning experience that adapts to the unique needs of each user.“


StudySmarter’s redesigned platform is now live globally, offering learners an unparalleled opportunity to explore, engage, and excel. 


About StudySmarter:

StudySmarter, also known as Vaia in the US and Spain, is a pioneering digital learning platform committed to guiding individuals through their personal and professional learning journey. From school to university to career, StudySmarter supports learners worldwide in achieving their unique educational goals and career aspirations.

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