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Hi, I’m Nina.

SEO Manager, Marketing - Responsible for designing and implementing an SEO strategy within the organization.

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Who am I

After my master’s degree in corporate communications, I started working as SEO Consultant in the automotive industry. This step was actually not planned this way (I always wanted to be a branding strategist), but it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made so far! I love the ever-changing nature of SEO, which allows me to face new challenges and to think about new solutions on a daily basis. That suits me very well, as I am a person who always wants to learn something new and wants to be better than yesterday.


Hidden talent

Drawing & Painting - Already as a little child I always had my sketchbook with me. And until now nothing has changed, I even did my school diploma in arts and since then I love being creative in my free time.


Passionate about

Sports & Health - Sport is a big part of my life. I started when I was young as a professional dancer and have participated in several tournaments (even on TV). And I still love doing gymnastics, yoga, weight training, hiking, skiing, and so on.

Working at StudySmarter

After working in a completely different industry I was looking for a new experience that fits more with my personal goal: empowering others. When I first heard about StudySmarter it was a perfect match, because I want to help make education accessible and easier for everyone. I am happy that I was right in my decision and I really love going to work now (never thought I would say this). It’s quite difficult to explain why, maybe it’s just the right mix of like-minded people, challenging tasks, responsibility, fun in the office, table tennis matches and the possibility to grow together with the company.


Typical day

9:00 - Start laptop, fetch a glass of water, check Slack messages, plan/clarify which tasks to tackle today 9:30 - Enter the tunnel: concentrate on my tasks without noticing much else 12:00 - Have a home-cooked lunch with my husband (whoever is tired of working first prepares it) 13:00 - Re-enter the tunnel 15:00 - Attend an occasional meeting of planning or knowledge sharing 16:00 - Work with a colleague on a particular complex part of a task via screen sharing and video call 18:00 - “Feierabend”: shut down and leave the house for a fitness class or choir practice

Successful in your role

Logical Thinking Successful Illustration

One skill that is crucial for success in my role is definitely curiosity. Even if you’re not a pro in all SEO areas yet, it will help you to get the answers you need and to learn as much as possible. SEO evolves everyday - what might seemed right last week, might be not the ideal solution today - and if you keep curious you will evolve, too.

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