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Hi, I’m Max.

Performance Marketing Manager - I'm a Performance Marketing Manager at StudySmarter responsible for all paid user acquisition activities including influencer relations.

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Who am I

Born and raised in the beautiful city of Munich, I studied Business Administration with a focus on Marketing, Strategy & Innovation at LMU Munich. Since I´m a really passion-driven guy, my goal has always been to work for a company/product that I feel passionate about. This is why I started my career as a Social/Paid Marketing Manager in the automotive industry and continued to gain practical experience in an agency for digital products & services. In 2020, I joined StudySmarter, which was one of the best decisions in my life so far.


Hidden Talent

Being able to eat two L´Osteria pizzas in 30 minutes (that´s an Italian restaurant chain known for its really large pizzas in Munich)


Passionate about

I´m really (like really really) passionate about FC Bayern München - sometimes it´s even hard for me to watch their games ^^ Also, my typical after-work routine includes going to the gym lifting heavy stuff, playing golf or talking about fancy cars 🚗

Working at StudySmarter

As Maurice, one of StudySmarter´s co-founders and CMO is one of my best friends, I had the chance to follow the startup from its early beginnings. Always fascinated by the product and StudySmarter´s vision to empower everyone to reach their educational goals, I decided to join the company´s Marketing team in 2020. And what a ride it has been so far! What I particularly like about working at StudySmarter (besides the great product of course) are the people-like-minded individuals who are really passionate about what they´re doing, giving it all to reach their common as well as individual goals while having a lot of fun at the same time.


Typical day

After going for a walk with my dog, looking through my emails and checking my calendar, I usually create a prioritized todo list to get ready for the day. Following some daily meetings such as our Marketing standup, I monitor and optimize our running campaigns on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram or Snapchat. For lunch, I always choose healthy options, most of the times pre-cooked meals such as my famous "Eierreis" everyone in the company knows. In the afternoon, I dedicate most of the time to managing our influencers, briefing new in-house creatives and setting up new campaigns based on previous performances. After completing all my tasks, chances are high that you find me in the local gym to also improve my physical performance :)

Crucial skill in your role

Creativity Successful Illustration

Creativity! Of course, Performance Marketing is very data-driven and based on a huge number of KPIs. But in my eyes, it´s equally important to be creative when it comes to creative design, copy writing, influencer selection, ad targeting, etc. in order to create outstanding user acquisition campaigns.