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Hi, I’m Clemens.

I am a Performance Marketing Manager responsible for B2B. This includes all paid marketing campaigns we run on LinkedIn or Google in all markets. From campaign ideation, asset creation to execution, optimisation and reporting I make sure we create high impact online-marketing campaigns.

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Who am I

Having lived in Munich, Germany and Nantes and Lyon in France, I love meeting people with different cultural backgrounds, which lead me to my background in tourism. Having worked in the trade marketing of a leading tour operator after my apprenticeship, I moved forward to managing a team in an influencer marketing agency and joined StudySmarter in August 2022. Growing up bilingual, French and German, I always liked international surroundings - from friends to work.


Spirit Animal

A racoon - just because look at them. So cute!


Hidden Talent

Forgetting to water my plants just the right amount so that they survive, and having a lot of empathy with plants - and people.

Working at StudySmarter

StudySmarter caught me with the vision and product behind it. Also, the international, open-minded and excellence-driven team just creates an environment I don't want to miss anymore.


Typical day

I usually start by checking my calendar to see if there are any meetings with colleagues schedules. Then I have a look at the numbers and see if any action is needed from my side. During the morning, I set up new tests and check on data. Then usually comes lunch! In the afternoon, I usually juggle between creating new assets for campaigns, research, analytics, meetings and content checks.

Successful in your role

Creativity Successful Illustration

You have to be creative and analytical. As data is key to successful campaigns, you need to understand it, so you can get creative and try to challenge yourself each day.