Hi, I’m Agnes.

I am an international campaign manager and I am responsible for running the campaigns smoothly for our customers.

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Who am I

I am Agnes, born and raised in Regensburg, Bavaria. I have a passion for languages and travelling. Before I moved to Munich in 2017 for my tourism management studies, I spent two years working as a teaching assistant and later in tourism marketing in Mérida, Mexico. During my studies, I spent a semester abroad in California. Prior to joining Study Smarter in December 2022 I worked in the B2B marketing field in a Munich based software start-up.


Spirit Animal

My (slightly overweight) cat Plumita. She's a diva, but she can also be very lovely.


Passionate about

I am passionate about the mountains. I love to be outside and enjoy the incredible views of the Alps. Also, I love travelling, especially in Latin America and the Balkans.

Working at StudySmarter

StudySmarter convinced me with its product and team. As I studied and worked in different countries, I was able to see the importance of free education for all. StudySmarter contributes to that and working here so do I.


Typical day

In a typical day, I start with checking my e-mails and my tasks for the day. As campaign managers, we take over when the sales manager has closed the deal, and it's time to bring the campaign to life. So I collect the information and materials required from the clients, I set up company profiles, optimize ads, set up user mailings and create performance reports and optimize accordingly.

Successful in your role

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It's crucial to be able to organize different tasks, requests and meetings. There's always going to be someone needing something from you, and you need to be able to handle these requests - organization and communication wise.