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A note-taking tool optimized for efficient studying

The smartest notes you have ever taken. Save hours of work using our note-taking tool that connects your documents, notes, and flashcards.

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No more copy & paste! Create study notes from your documents

Highlight important parts in your document and let StudySmarter transform them into beatiful notes.

Create beautiful notes with smart formatting

Unleash your inner Picasso using our endless formatting options including pre-formatted notes.

Access thousands of expert-verified explanations for free

Don't want to create? No problem! Access verified explanations for all your study topics.

Save time by using the snapshot feature for notes

Simply create screenshots and insert them directly into your notes.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to pay to use StudySmarter?

Our learning app is completely free of charge for you and will always remain so. You can sign up with your mail without any risk and delete your account at any time.

What happens to my data?

We do not share any personal information about you, your learning process or your email address with a third party. Your uploaded learning materials will not be shared with other students and you always have the choice to share materials with your peers or not.

How does StudySmarter differ from other learning solutions?

From automatic learning plans to creating and sharing summaries, flashcards and much more – with StudySmarter you’ve got everything in one app. You’ll see preparing for your exams was never this easy and efficient.